WHITEBOX 200 Series HC “The Holly” (Commercial Office/Accomodation)

• HACCP APPROVED 50mm WHITE BOX PERFORMANCE PANEL – EPS Colourbond Coolwall panel all to AUS/NZ Food Grade
• 2 x Recessed LED dimmable down lights.
• 6 x 10AMP outlets (Universal)
• R10 Commercial Vinyl Flooring
• 100mm Commercial Coving
• 1 x nominated BoxMasterColour Selection
• Optional Gas Strut Pop Out Awning/s (either 2 x 1800mm x 1000mm  OR 1 x 4000m x 1000mm) (nom.900mm bench height) with 316 Stainless fixtures, insulated with Colourbond cladding.
• Optional 720mm PA Door
• Optional 1800 x 1000mm Fixed Toughened Glass Window
• Optional 1920 x 2100 Sliding Door
• Optional Solar Power Exhaust Vent/Fan


Our WHITEBOX solutions breath a new, innovative, fresh, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business. Our units have been successfully transformed into funky cafes, juice bars and retail stores. From bespoke hospitality spaces, pop-up bars, meeting rooms, and hipster barbershops we have you covered. Our WHITEBOX SERIES uses two different sizes of shipping container as our core structure. – 10’ (3m) WHITEBOX 100 SERIES and 20’ (6m) High Cube WHITEBOX 200 SERIES Pick and choose from our options and transform, reboot or launch your business today with our WHITEBOX

Express Salons (Hair-tainers, Nail, Hair, Tanning Massage Therapy), Barbershop, Gourmet Coffee and Roasting Box, Take-out, Snack Box, ATM Bank-tainer, Drive-Thru, Retail
Outlet, Bar, Sushi and Dumpling Box, Juice Bar, Bagel Box, Milkbar, Airport Kiosk, DJ Box, Recording Studio, Social Media Booth, Games Room, Pizza Oven, Deli, Wine
Cellar Door, Corporate Activation and Marketing Box, Commercial, Kitchens and many more!

Our Box Brand 20 foot shipping containers are highly portable. They have roughly 30m3 capacity referred to as 1 TEU, a standard measure in transportation meaning twenty-foot equivalent unit.
This internationally standardised size works in your favour as you are unlikely to come across any handling problems when using the container for shipping, road or rail transport.

If your business imports or exports varying amounts of goods, it is naturally better to have 2 twenty foot containers (2TEU) instead of 1 forty foot container (2TEU) so that you can control how much transport space you require.  Finally, compared to a 40ft container, 20 footers are easier to move around a yard or premises or pop-up site.

Box Brand 20′ GP
(200 Series GP) – Bare Shell Vol (m3) 33; Max. Cargo (kg) 28,200; Tare Weight (kg) 2,280; Internal Dimensions: Length 5.9, Width 2.35, Height 2.39; External Dimensions: Length 6.06, Width 2.44, Height 2.59
Box Brand 20′ HC (200 Series HC) – Bare Shell Vol (m3) 37.4; Max. Cargo 28,330, Tare Weight (kg) 2,300; Internal Dimensions: Length 5.9, Width 2.35, Height 2.69, External Dimensions: Length 6.06, Width 2.44, Height 2.89

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