Food & Beverage Station



The Food & Beverage Station (“FBS”) main counter is 1.5 meters in length plus two 700 mm lift-up counter extensions that together provide 3 meters of serving area.

The FBS has a customer service shelf, three hidden counter-top service access points and a removable/demountable stainless steel menu frame with board to mount signage both sides . It can be wheeled through a standard domestic doorway and is manufactured using 304 (hospital) grade stainless steel.

Depending on your requirements, the Food & Beverage Station is supplied with two sinks, a hot water system, water filtration and pump, water and waste tanks, an under-counter refrigerator, cup dispensers and a load-shedding computer.

This model does not have gullwing doors, but includes a system for accommodating a large beach umbrella, when required.



  • Manufactured using 304 (hospital) grade stainless steel
  • 1.5 meter long counter, plus:
  • Retractable counter extension doors
  • Customer Service Shelf
  • Three hidden countertop service access points
  • Removable/demountable stainless steel menu frame with board to mount signage both sides
  • Under-counter refrigerator
  • Three integrated cup sleeves
  • Fixture for erecting large beach umbrella
  • Illuminated laser-cut logo in front panel
  • Two year conditional parts warranty
  • Food Vending Unit (FVU), including:
    • Two sinks and tap set
    • Water tank
    • Waste tank
    • Water filtration
    • Water pump
    • Hot water system
  • Energy Management Unit for load shedding
  • Built to accommodate MVU Display Cabinets & Storage Modules


Counter Extension Doors Fully Open Closed
Height 990mm 38.97in 990mm 38.97in
Length 2937mm 115.62in 1500mm 59.05in
Width 750mm 29.52in 750mm 29.52in
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